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Contribution to the Study of Athletic Socks Friction Behaviour
Comparative study of athletics socks regarding skin blisters formation during running
Effect of heterogenous and homogenous air gaps on dry heat loss through the garment
Approach to Evaluate Air Gap in Clothing by Surface Comparison
Analysis of current running sock structures with regard to blister prevention
Analyse du comportement au frottement d'une surface textile pileuse
Contribution of garment fit and style to thermal comfort at the lower body
Model of deformation contribution from total friction force for textile fabrics
Contribution de l’adhésion et de la déformation dans le frottement des surfaces textiles
Friction mechanisms of hairy fabrics
Distribution of the Air Gap Thickness and Contact Area in Wet Underwear
Study of the friction mechanisms of pile surfaces: measurement conditions and pile surface properties
Modèle de déformation de la pilosité lors du frottement des surfaces textiles
Participation d'un élément unitaire de pilosité lors du frottement d'une surface textile
Distribution of the air gap thickness and contact area in wet underwear
Brush model to predict the friction of hairy textile fabrics from indentation measurements
Friction behaviour of hairy fabrics, adhesion and deformation
Separation of adhesive and deformation part from total friction force for textile fabrics

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