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Evolution hypothesis as a means for linking system parameters
Ontology Matching for Facilitating Inventive Design based on Semantic Similarity and Case-Based Reasoning
From Creative Ideas Generation to Real World Solutions
A formal ontology for a generalized inventive design methodology
An ontology for TRIZ
On contradiction clouds
Skyline Adaptive Fuzzy Query
Matching of Different Abstraction Level Knowledge Sources: the Case of Inventive Design
Using patents to populate an inventive design ontology
Towards a formal definition of contradiction in inventive design
Heuristic Inventive Design Problem Solving Based on Semantic Relatedness
Starting from patents to find inputs to the Problem Graph model of IDM-TRIZ
TRIZ theory and case based reasoning: synergies and oppositions
Facilitating the resolution of inventive problems using semantic relatedness and ontology reasoning
A New Method of Using Physical Effects in Su-Field Analysis based on Ontology Reasoning
A heuristic TRIZ problem solving approach based on semantic relatedness and ontology reasoning
Ontology-based Knowledge Modeling for Using Physical Effects
 Methodology of Manufacturing Analysis and Modelling

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