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Evolution hypothesis as a means for linking system parameters
From Creative Ideas Generation to Real World Solutions
Ontology Matching for Facilitating Inventive Design based on Semantic Similarity and Case-Based Reasoning
A formal ontology for a generalized inventive design methodology
Matching of Different Abstraction Level Knowledge Sources: the Case of Inventive Design
Skyline Adaptive Fuzzy Query
On contradiction clouds
An ontology for TRIZ
Towards a formal definition of contradiction in inventive design
Heuristic Inventive Design Problem Solving Based on Semantic Relatedness
Using patents to populate an inventive design ontology
 Methodology of Manufacturing Analysis and Modelling
Ontology-based Knowledge Modeling for Using Physical Effects
A heuristic TRIZ problem solving approach based on semantic relatedness and ontology reasoning
A New Method of Using Physical Effects in Su-Field Analysis based on Ontology Reasoning
Facilitating the resolution of inventive problems using semantic relatedness and ontology reasoning
TRIZ theory and case based reasoning: synergies and oppositions
Starting from patents to find inputs to the Problem Graph model of IDM-TRIZ

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