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Prise en charge d’une insomnie
Prise en charge du stridor dans l’atrophie multisystématisée [= Management of stridor in multiple systemic atrophy]
Le syndrome des jambes sans repos : fréquent et handicapant
Non-circadian direct effects of light on sleep and alertness: lessons from transgenic mouse models.
Characterization of periodic upper limb movement disorder in a patient with restless arms syndrome.
Bedtime-related jerks in the upper limbs associated with restless arms syndrome.
Attempted infanticide and suicide inaugurating catatonia associated with Hashimoto's encephalopathy: a case report.
Electroconvulsive therapy for psychosis in a patient with epilepsy related to hypothalamic hamartoma.
Cardioinhibition can be the unique manifestation of epilepsy-like syncope.
Restless legs syndrome as a first manifestation of a cerebral infarct.
Floppy eyelid syndrome is associated with obstructive sleep apnoea: a prospective study on 127 patients.
Brainstem stroke-related restless legs syndrome: frequency and anatomical considerations.
Arvicanthis ansorgei, a Novel Model for the Study of Sleep and Waking in Diurnal Rodents.

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