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Polycationic adamantane-based dendrons of different generations display high cellular uptake without triggering cytotoxicity.
Elucidation of the Cellular Uptake Mechanisms of Polycationic HYDRAmers.
Direct visualization of carbon nanotube degradation in primary cells by photothermal imaging.
Carbon nanohorns allow acceleration of osteoblast differentiation via macrophage activation.
Enhancement of anti-inflammatory drug activity by multivalent adamantane-based dendrons.
Dispersibility-Dependent Biodegradation of Graphene Oxide by Myeloperoxidase.
Peptide-based carbon nanotubes for mitochondrial targeting.
Few-Layer Graphene Kills Selectively Tumor Cells from Myelomonocytic Leukemia Patients.
Degradation-by-design: Surface modification with functional substrates that enhance the enzymatic degradation of carbon nanotubes.
Evidencing the mask effect of graphene oxide: a comparative study on primary human and murine phagocytic cells.
Diameter-dependent release of a cisplatin pro-drug from small and large functionalized carbon nanotubes
Translocation mechanisms of chemically functionalised carbon nanotubes across plasma membranes.
Ammonium and guanidinium dendron-carbon nanotubes by amidation and click chemistry and their use for siRNA delivery.
Photofunctional nanomodulators for bioexcitation.

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