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Air-Spun PLA Nanofibers Modified with Reductively Sheddable Hydrophilic Surfaces for Vascular Tissue Engineering : Synthesis and Surface Modification
Degradation d'échafaudage de nanofibres d'acide polylactique pour l'ingénierie tissulaire vasculaire
Characterization of a nanofibrous scaffold for vascular tissue engineering constructs design
Characterization of a time-dependent vascular biodegradable biomaterial Construct
Experimental model of PLA nanofibrous scaffold degradation for vascular regenerative medicine
Air spun poly(lactic acid) nanofiber scaffold degradation for vascular tissue engineering: A H-1 NMR study
Kinetics of endothelial cell adhesion to micropatterned surfaces
Evaluation of an air spinning process to produce tailored biosytnthetic nanofiber scaffolds
Air Spun poly(lactic acid) nanofiber scaffold degradation fo vascular tissue engineering: A1 H NMR study

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