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Modular Preparation of Graphene-Based Functional Architectures through Two-Step Organic Reactions: Towards High-Performance Energy Storage
Molecular chemistry approaches for tuning the properties of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
Electronic Decoupling in C3-Symmetrical Light-Responsive Tris(Azobenzene) Scaffolds: Self-Assembly and Multiphotochromism
Thermal insulation with 2D materials: liquid phase exfoliated vermiculite functional nanosheets
Self-Suspended Nanomesh Scaffold for Ultrafast Flexible Photodetectors Based on Organic Semiconducting Crystals
Chemical sensing with 2D materials
Molecule-Graphene Hybrid Materials with Tunable Mechanoresponse: Highly Sensitive Pressure Sensors for Health Monitoring
Electrochemical Functionalization of Graphene at the Nanoscale with Self-Assembling Diazonium Salts
Current crowding issues on nanoscale planar organic transistors for spintronic applications
Tuning the Work-Function Via Strong Coupling
Waveguide and Plasmonic Absorption-Induced Transparency
Coherent Coupling of WS² Monolayers with Metallic Photonic Nanostructures at Room Temperature
Graphene Oxide Hybrid with Sulfur–Nitrogen Polymer for High-Performance Pseudocapacitors
MoS2 nanosheets via electrochemical lithium-ion intercalation under ambient conditions

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