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Quantification of the hydraulic diffusivity of a bentonite‐sand mixture using the water head decrease measured upon sudden flow interruption
On the influence of groundwater table fluctuations on oil thickness in a well related to an LNAPL contaminated aquifer
Groundwater salinity in a semi-arid region of central-eastern Tunisia: insights from multivariate statistical techniques and geostatistical modelling
Identifying the origin of groundwater salinisation in the Sidi El Hani basin (central-eastern Tunisia)
On the prediction of three-phase relative permeabilities using two-phase constitutive relationships
Connectivity enhancement due to film flow in porous media
Gravitational and Finite‐Size Effects On Pressure Saturation Curves During Drainage
Comparative investigation of indigo blue dye removal efficiency of activated carbon and natural clay in adsorption/ultrafiltration system
Bioenergy crop induced changes in soil properties: A case study on Miscanthus fields in the Upper Rhine Region
Pore scale modelling of DNAPL migration in a water–saturated porous medium
Coupled hydrogeochemical modelling using KIRMAT to assess water-rock interaction in a saline aquifer in central-eastern Tunisia
Impact of floodwaters on vertical water fluxes in the deep vadose zone of an alluvial aquifer in a semi-arid region
Two-Phase Flow: Structure, Upscaling, and Consequences for Macroscopic Transport Properties
Modelling acid stimulation in the enhanced geothermal system of Soultz-sous-Forêts (Alsace, France)

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