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Pro-oxidant activity of polyphenols and its implication on cancer chemoprevention and chemotherapy
Activation of eNOS by polyphenol-rich products and polyphenolic compounds
Crataegus special extract WS((R))1442 prevents aging-related endothelial dysfunction
Role of endothelial cell membrane transport in red wine polyphenols-induced coronary vasorelaxation: involvement of bilitranslocase
Red wine polyphenols improve an established aging-related endothelial dysfunction in the mesenteric artery of middle-aged rats: Role of oxidative stress
Vascular protection by natural product-derived polyphenols: in vitro and in vivo evidence
Probiotics (VSL#3) prevent endothelial dysfunction in rats with portal hypertension: role of the angiotensin system
Selective proapoptotic activity of polyphenols from red wine on teratocarcinoma cell, a model of cancer stem-like cell
Redox-Sensitive Induction of Src/PI3-kinase/Akt and MAPKs Pathways Activate eNOS in Response to EPA:DHA 6:1
Tetrahydrocannabinol induces brain mitochondrial respiratory chain dysfunction and increases oxidative stress: a potential mechanism involved in cannabis-related stroke

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