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Elastic recovery of a scratch in a polymeric surface: experiments and analysis
Time and temperature dependence of the scratch properties of poly(methylmethacrylate) surfaces
The ploughing friction: analytical model with elastic recovery for a conical tip with a blunted spherical extremity
A surface flow line model of a scratching tip: apparent and true local friction coefficients
Analysis of the apparent friction of polymeric surfaces
The friction coefficient on polycarbonate as a function of the contact pressure and nanoscale roughness
Experimental and finite-element analysis of scratches on amorphous polymeric surfaces
In situ analysis of the fragmentation of polystyrene films within sliding contacts
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of a Dynamic JKR Contact
Scratching of a coated polymer and mechanical analysis of a scratch resistance solution
Creep and recovery of amorphous polymers during spherical contact
Creep of the contact with a spherical tip and recovery of the imprint on amorphous polymer surfaces
A first mechanical analysis of the contact mechanics of amorphous polymer surfaces using molecular dynamic simulations

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