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Numerical simulation of polymerization in interdigital multilamination micromixers
Free radical polymerization in multilaminated microreactors: 2D and 3D multiphysics CFD modeling
Online light scattering measurements: A method to assess morphology development of polymer blends in a twin-screw extruder
Shear-induced fractal morphology of immiscible reactive polymer blends
Rheological behavior of reactive miscible polymer blends: Influence of mixing and annealing before crosslinking
Online Light Scattering Measurements as a Means to Assess Influence of Extrusion Parameters on Non-reactive Polymer Blend Morphology: Experimental Procedure and Preliminary Results
Rheological characterization of interfacial reaction in reactive polymer blends
Rheology of reactive polymer blends: separation of mixing and reaction steps
Pluronic and beta-cyclodextrin in water: from swollen micelles to self-assembled crystalline platelets
Recent advances in the green elaboration of organic photovoltaic devices from nanoparticle dispersions
Sampling the structure and chemical order in assemblies of ferromagnetic nanoparticles by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Impact of molecular structure of polymer in 193nm resist performance
Electrostatic template-assisted deposition of microparticles on electrospun nanofibers: towards microstructured functional biochips for screening applications
Hierarchical porous carbon fibers/carbon nanofibers monolith from electrospinning/CVD processes as a high effective surface area support platform
One-Pot Synthesis of a Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Composite by Electrospinning as a Metal-Free Catalyst for Oxidation of H2S to Sulfur
Osteogenetic properties of electrospun nanofibrous PCL scaffolds equipped with chitosan-based nanoreservoirs of growth factors
Self-Construction of Supramolecular Polyrotaxane Films by an Electrotriggered Morphogen-Driven Process
Self-construction of supramolecular polyrotaxane films by an electrotriggered morphogen-driven process.

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