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Triglyceride synthesis and hepatitis C virus production: identification of a novel host factor as antiviral target
New tool for the study of hepatitis C virus genotype 3 and its associated liver disease biology
High-throughput approaches to unravel hepatitis C virus-host interactions
Syndecan 4 is involved in mediating HCV entry through interaction with lipoviral particle-associated apolipoprotein E
Host-Targeting Agents to Prevent and Cure Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Addressing the next challenges: A summary of the 22nd international symposium on hepatitis C virus and related viruses
TIP47 is associated with the hepatitis C virus and its interaction with Rab9 is required for release of viral particles
TIP47 plays a crucial role in the life cycle of hepatitis C virus
Hepatitis C virus, cholesterol and lipoproteins--impact for the viral life cycle and pathogenesis of liver disease
Composite vector formulation for multiple siRNA delivery as a host targeting antiviral in a cell culture model of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection
PI4K-beta and MKNK1 are regulators of hepatitis C virus IRES-dependent translation
CD81-receptor associations--impact for hepatitis C virus entry and antiviral therapies
RACK1 controls IRES-mediated translation of viruses

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