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Cobalt PNC NHC‘pincers’: ligand dearomatisation, formation of dinuclear and N2complexes and promotion of C–H activation
N-Heterocyclic carbene–phosphino-picolines as precursors of anionic ‘pincer’ ligands with dearomatised pyridine backbones; transmetallation from potassium to chromium
Relative Lability and Chemoselective Transmetallation of NHC in Hybrid Phosphine-NHC Ligands: Access to Heterometallic Complexes
Chromium(II) Pincer Complexes with Dearomatized PNP and PNC Ligands: A Comparative Study of Their Catalytic Ethylene Oligomerization Activity
Coinage metal complexes with bridging hybrid phosphine–NHC ligands: synthesis of di- and tetra-nuclear complexes
Direct synthesis of doubly deprotonated, dearomatised lutidine PNP Cr and Zr pincer complexes based on isolated K and Li ligand transfer reagents
Potassium and Lithium Complexes with Monodeprotonated, Dearomatized PNP and PNC NHC Pincer-Type Ligands
Non-symmetrical, potentially redox non-innocent imino NHC pyridine ‘pincers’ via a zinc ion template-assisted synthesis

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