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Bio-based porous zinc phosphates material with silver nanoparticles prepared from casein protein by hydrothermal synthesis for applications in biological environments
Metal Organic Framework Materials for Desulfurization by Adsorption
A New Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Zinc Phosphate Prepared with L-Histidine with an Unusual Stability in Water
Solvothermal Synthesis, Structure, Fluorescence and Magnetism Properties of a Novel 3D Metal-Organic Framework Based on Tetranuclear Copper Secondary Building Units
Bio-based porous zinc phosphates synthesis and its antibacterial properties
Size controlled separation of dioxins by adsorption onto zeolites
Synthesis and adsorption properties of ZIF-76 isomorphs
Separation of C-6 Paraffins Using Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks: Comparison with Zeolite 5A
Importance of PCDD/F molecules' polarizability and steric hindrance on their adsorption onto zeolites in a standard EN1948-1 sampling device for incinerator emission monitoring
Comparison of the Behavior of Metal–Organic Frameworks and Zeolites for Hydrocarbon Separations
Bio-sourced phosphoprotein-based synthesis of silver-doped macroporous zinc phosphates and their antibacterial properties
Selective adsorption of 2,3-DCDD and 1,2,3,4-TCDD on *BEA, EMT, FAU and MFI-type zeolites as alternative adsorbents for on-line dioxin monitoring
Core-shell H-ZSM-5/silicalite-1 composites: Bronsted acidity and catalyst deactivation at the individual particle level
The use of zeolites as selective adsorbents for dioxins in waste incineration plant emissions
Adsorption and Separation of Xylene Isomers: CPO-27-Ni vs HKUST-1 vs NaY
Adsorption of 2,3-DCDD on FAU and EMT-type zeolites: Influence of the nature and the content of charge compensating cations

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