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Dielectric alpha-relaxation of 1,4-polybutadiene confined between graphite walls molecular dynamics investigations through numerical simulations of polymer molecules relaxation
Dipolar Correlations in 1,4-Polybutadiene Across the Timescales : a Numerical Molecular Dynamics Simulation Investigation
Polymer–polymer adhesion via connector chains: An MD study of the competition between bulk dissipation and connector pull-out
Dielectric relaxation of a polybutadiene melt at a crystalline graphite surface: atomistic Molecular Dynamics simulations
Polymer Dynamics in a Polymer-Solid Interphase: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of 1,4-Polybutadiene At a Graphite Surface
The dielectric alpha-relaxation in polymer films: A comparison between experiments and atomistic simulations
Analysis of local properties during a scratch test on a polymeric surface using molecular dynamics simulations
Molecular dynamics simulations of the scratch test on linear amorphous polymer surfaces: A study of the local friction coefficient
A first mechanical analysis of the contact mechanics of amorphous polymer surfaces using molecular dynamic simulations
Molecular dynamics simulations as a way to investigate the local physics of contact mechanics: a comparison between experimental data and numerical results
Mechanical behavior of linear amorphous polymers: Comparison between molecular dynamics and finite-element simulations

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