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Accurate Evaluation of Tumor Necrosis in the Preoperative Period: A New Challenge
Real-time 3D image reconstruction guidance in liver resection surgery
Robotic duodenopancreatectomy assisted with augmented reality and real-time fluorescence guidance
A novel navigation system for maxillary positioning in orthognathic surgery: Preclinical evaluation
Towards cybernetic surgery: robotic and augmented reality-assisted liver segmentectomy
Augmented reality-guided artery-first pancreatico-duodenectomy
Virtual and Augmented Reality in Oncologic Liver Surgery
Trans-thoracic minimally invasive liver resection guided by augmented reality
Real-time navigation by fluorescence-based enhanced reality for precise estimation of future anastomotic site in digestive surgery
Probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy and fluorescence-based enhanced reality for real-time assessment of intestinal microcirculation in a porcine model of sigmoid ischemia
Myo-InositolTrisPyroPhosphate treatment leads to HIF-1alpha suppression and eradication of early hepatoma tumors in rats
Calibration: A Conceptual Framework Applied to Scientific Practices Which Investigate Natural Phenomena by Means of Standardized Instruments

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