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Energetic Performances of STT-Type Zeosil: Influence of the Nature of the Mineralizing Agent Used for the Synthesis
Energetic Performances of Channel and Cage-Type Zeosils
Mesoporous materials for the removal of SO2 from gas streams
High-Pressure Water Intrusion Investigation of Pure Silica RUB-41 and S-SOD Zeolite Materialsleng
High pressure water intrusion investigation of pure silica 1D channel AFI, MTW and TON-type zeolites
Influence of the aqueous medium on the energetic performances of Silicalite-1
Zeolithe hybrid coating on aluminum substrates
Synthèse et caractérisation de films zéolithiques sur substrats en aluminium
Selective adsorption of 2,3-DCDD and 1,2,3,4-TCDD on *BEA, EMT, FAU and MFI-type zeolites as alternative adsorbents for on-line dioxin monitoring
Key steps influencing the formation of ZSM-5 films on aluminum substrates
Improved hydrophobicity of inorganic-organic hybrid mesoporous silica with cage-like pores
Synthesis of Cu-Ce/KIT-6 materials for SOx removal
Adsorption of 2,3-DCDD on FAU and EMT-type zeolites: Influence of the nature and the content of charge compensating cations
Bridged polysilsesquioxane films via photoinduced sol–gel chemistry

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