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Coding origin of isoaccepting tRNA in yeast mitochondria.
Relations de structure entre acides ribonucléiques et polyphosphates
Measurement of θ13 in Double Chooz using neutron captures on hydrogen with novel background rejection techniques
Cosmic-muon characterization and annual modulation measurement with Double Chooz detectors
Precision muon reconstruction in Double Chooz
Characterization of the spontaneous light emission of the PMTs used in the Double Chooz experiment
Erratum to: Improved measurements of the neutrino mixing angle θ13 with the Double Chooz detector
Background-independent measurement of θ13 in Double Chooz
Ortho-positronium observation in the Double Chooz experiment
High intensity neutrino oscillation facilities in Europe
Muon capture on light isotopes measured with the Double Chooz detector
Beam test performance of prototype silicon detectors for the Outer Tracker for the Phase-2 Upgrade of CMS
The DAQ and control system for the CMS Phase-1 pixel detector upgrade
Measurement of prompt and nonprompt charmonium suppression in $$\text {PbPb}$$PbPb collisions at 5.02$$\,\text {Te}\text {V}$$TeV

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