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Synthesis of 4-amino-4,5-dideoxy-L-lyxofuranose derivatives and their evaluation as fucosidase inhibitors
A Convergent Strategy for the Synthesis of Second-Generation Iminosugar Clusters Using " Clickable" Trivalent Dendrons
Synthesis of amino-hydroxy-benzocycloheptenones as potent, selective, non-peptidic dinuclear zinc metalloaminopeptidase inhibitors
A novel amino-benzosuberone derivative is a picomolar inhibitor of mammalian aminopeptidase N/CD13
Utilisation du sous-salicylate de bismuth ou de l’un de ses dérivés en tant qu’agent phytopharmaceutique
Rapid and efficient synthesis of a novel series of substituted aminobenzosuberone derivatives as potent, selective, non-peptidic neutral aminopeptidase inhibitors
Chiral Diels-Alder reaction between cyclopentadiene and nitroso derivatives: thermal isomerisation/racemisation of the adducts
Synthesis of the first examples of iminosugar clusters based on cyclopeptoid cores
Selective aminopeptidase-N (CD13) inhibitors with relevance to cancer chemotherapy
Amino-benzosuberone: A novel warhead for selective inhibition of human aminopeptidase-N/CD13
A Diverted Total Synthesis of Mycolactone Analogues: An Insight into Buruli Ulcer Toxins
Toxicity of extracellular proteins from Diplodia seriata and Neofusicoccum parvum involved in grapevine Botryosphaeria dieback

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