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The 1,3-bis(dicyanomethylidene) indane skeleton as a (photo) initiator in thermal ring opening polymerization at RT and radical or cationic photopolymerization
Introduction of self-healing properties into covalent polymer networks via the photodissociation of alkoxyamine junctions
Light-Sensitive Alkoxyamines as Versatile Spatially- and Temporally-Controlled Precursors of Alkyl Radicals and Nitroxides
UV-Induced Micropatterning of Complex Functional Surfaces by Photopolymerization Controlled by Alkoxyamines
Photoredox catalysis using a new iridium complex as an efficient toolbox for radical, cationic and controlled polymerizations under soft blue to green lights
Laser Direct Writing of Arbitrary Complex Polymer Microstructures by Nitroxide-Mediated Photopolymerization
Plasmon-triggered living photopolymerization for elaboration of hybrid polymer/metal nanoparticles

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