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N-Heterocyclic Carbene Boranes Accelerate Type I Radical Photopolymerizations and Overcome Oxygen Inhibition†
Metal and metal-free photocatalysts: mechanistic approach and application as photoinitiators of photopolymerization
New core-pyrene π structure organophotocatalysts usable as highly efficient photoinitiators
Phototriggered In-Situ Generation of Triethylborane for Polymer Synthesis Under Air
Soft Photopolymerizations Initiated by Dye-Sensitized Formation of NHC-Boryl Radicals under Visible Light
A dinuclear gold(I) complex as a novel photoredox catalyst for light-induced atom transfer radical polymerization
Photopolymerization of Cationic Monomers and Acrylate/Divinylether Blends under Visible Light Using Pyrromethene Dyes

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