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A graphical method to study suspended sediment dynamics during flood events in the Wadi Sebdou, NW Algeria (1973 – 2004)
Comparative study of 1D and 2D flow simulations at open – channel junctions
Predicting the drag coefficient and settling velocity of spherical particles
Prediction of sediment yield at storm period in Northwest Algeria
Modeling sediment deposition from marine outfall jets
Comparison between a coupled 1D-2D model and a fully 2D model for supercritical flow simulation in crossroads
Jet cavity interaction : effect of the cavity depth
Variability of streamflow and sediment yields in Taria stream (Northwest Algeria)
Assessment of water pollution in the semi-arid region: Case Watershed Wadi Saida (Northwest of Algeria)
Simulation of a wall jet flow over a rectangular cavity
A Comparative study of 1D and 2D approaches for simulating flows at right angled dividing junctions
Hydrodynamic characteristics of a new permeable pavement material produced from recycled concrete and organic matter
Quantifying mobile and immobile zones during simulated stormwater infiltration through a new permeable pavement materiel
Sedimentation in the submarine outfall and in the mixing zones (avoiding, diagnosis and remediation)
Experimental investigation and performance analysis of Archimedes screw generator
Variance based sensitivity analysis of 1D and 2D hydraulic models: An experimental urban flood case
Flapping foils as efficient hydrokinetic turbines : first steps in CFD modelling
Hydrodynamic behaviour of a new permeable pavement material under high rainfall conditions
Computational fluid dynamics modeling for the design of Archimedes Screw Generator

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