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Dissecting mechanism of coupled folding and binding of an intrinsically disordered protein by chemical synthesis of conformationally constrained analogues
Chemical synthesis of transactivation domain (TAD) of tumor suppressor protein p53 by native chemical ligation of three peptide segments
Chiral recognition in amyloid fiber growth
Quantum Strong Coupling with Protein Vibrational Modes
Acyl Transfer Catalytic Activity in De Novo Designed Protein with N-Terminus of α-Helix As Oxyanion-Binding Site
Covalent Tethering and Residues with Bulky Hydrophobic Side Chains Enable Self-Assembly of Distinct Amyloid Structures
Modification of Enzyme Activity by Vibrational Strong Coupling of Water
Aggregation and amyloidogenicity of nuclear coactivator binding domain of CREB-binding protein

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