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Energetic Performances of STT-Type Zeosil: Influence of the Nature of the Mineralizing Agent Used for the Synthesis
Energetic Performances of Channel and Cage-Type Zeosils
High pressure water intrusion investigation of pure silica 1D channel AFI, MTW and TON-type zeolites
Influence of the aqueous medium on the energetic performances of Silicalite-1
Gas-phase chlorination of aromatics over FAU- and EMT-type zeolites
MFI-type zeolite nanosheets for gas-phase aromatics chlorination: a strategy to overcome mass transfer limitations
Energetic behavior of the pure silica ITQ-12 (ITW) zeolite under high pressure water intrusion
Adsorption of volatile organic compounds in pure silica CHA, ∗BEA, MFI and STT-type zeolites

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