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Correlations between structural, electronic transport, and magnetic properties of Co2FeAl0.5Si0.5 Heusler alloy epitaxial thin films
Control of silicon nanoparticle size embedded in silicon oxynitride dielectric matrix
Epitaxial growth of gamma-CoV2O6 thin films: Structure, morphology, and magnetic properties
Effect of the nanometric scale thickness on the magnetization steps in Ca3Co2O6 thin films
Structural, optical and electrical properties of Zn-doped SnO2 nanoparticles synthesized by the co-precipitation technique
Atomic-Scale Faceting in CoPt Nanoparticles Epitaxially Grown on NaCl
High Exchange Bias in Fe3-delta O4@CoO Core Shell Nanoparticles Synthesized by a One-Pot Seed-Mediated Growth Method
Epitaxy of Si nanocrystals by molecular beam epitaxy on a crystalline insulator LaAlO3(001)
Friction behaviour of TiAlN films around cubic/hexagonal transition: A 2D grazing incidence X-ray diffraction and electron energy loss spectroscopy study
Influence of the Carbo-Chromization Process on the Microstructural, Hardness, and Corrosion Properties of 316L Sintered Stainless Steel
High-temperature ferromagnetism in Co-doped CeO2 synthesized by the coprecipitation technique
Structural and optical properties of Yb-doped ZnO films deposited by magnetron reactive sputtering for photon conversion
Structural, optical, spectroscopic and electrical properties of Mo-doped ZnO thin films grown by radio frequency magnetron sputtering

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