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Textile Prosthetic Heart Valve Designs to reduce Reynolds Shear Stress
Heart Valve Leaflets fro Semi-Elastic Composite Fabric
Hybrid Textile for Heart Valve Prosthesis: In Vitro Assessment of Various Construction Designs
Investigation into new 3D fibrous structure for soles application
Hybrid textile heart valve prosthesis : preliminary in vitro evaluation
Fiber Heart valve prosthesis : Influence of the fabric construction parameters on the valve fatigue performances
Fiber heart valve prosthesis: Early in vitro fatigue results.
Reynold Shear Stress for Textile Prosthetic Heart Valves in Relation to Fabric Design
Heart valves from polyester fibers : a preliminary 6-month in vivo study
Fibre Heart Valve prothesis : Early in vitro fatigue results
Physical and mechanical characterization of recyclable insole product based on new 3D textile structure developed by the use of a patented vertical-lapping process

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