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Study of Ga(2-x)FexO3 solid solution: Optimisation of the ceramic processing
Room temperature polarization in the ferrimagnetic Ga2-xFexO3 ceramics
Magnetic and Polar Properties' Optimization in the Magnetoelectric Ga2-xFexO3 Compounds
Optical transitions in magnetoelectric Ga0.6Fe1.4O3 from 0.73 to 6.45 eV
Reduced leakage currents and possible charge carriers tuning in Mg-doped Ga0.6Fe1.4O3 thin films
Room temperature multiferroicity in Ga0.6Fe1.4O3:Mg thin films
Stabilization of scandium rich spinel ferrite CoFe(2-x)Sc(x)O4 (x <= 1) in thin films
Raman scattering of magnetoelectric gallium ferrite thin films

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