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Covalent functionalization of polyhedral graphitic particles: the astralenes
 Silver( i ) coordination polymers with 3,3′,5,5′-tetrasubstituted 4,4′-bipyridine ligands: towards new porous chiral materials
Sequential synthesis of free-standing high quality bilayer graphene from recycled nickel foil
Covalent functionalization of polyhedral graphitic particles synthesized by arc discharge from graphite
Structural, chemical and magnetic properties of anisotropic  ferromagnetic Fe nanoparticles inserted into carbon nanotubes
Dramatic enhancement of double-walled carbon nanotubes quality through a one pot tunable purification methods
Orientation Dependence of Interplay between Exchange Interaction and Magnetic Anisotropy in Aligned Arrays of Carbon Nanotubes with Low Ferromagnetic Nanoparticle Content

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