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Investigation of Xenobiotics Metabolism In <em>Salix alba</em> Leaves via Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Large scale micropollutants and lipids screening in the sludge layers and the ecosystem of a vertical flow constructed wetland
Comparative patterns of modified nucleotides in individual tRNA species from a mesophilic and two thermophilic archaea
Innate promiscuity of the CYP706 family of P450 enzymes provides a suitable context for the evolution of dinitroaniline resistance in weed
Distribution and degradation trend of micropollutants in a surface flow treatment wetland revealed by 3D numerical modelling combined with LC-MS/MS
Phase Transfer and Biodegradation of Pesticides in Water–Sediment Systems Explored by Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis and Conceptual Modeling
Biodesulfurization Induces Reprogramming of Sulfur Metabolism in Rhodococcus qingshengii IGTS8: Proteomics and Untargeted Metabolomics
Towards a model for road runoff infiltration management
Synthetic biological circuit tested in spaceflight
Environmental exposure to phthalates and dementia with Lewy bodies: contribution of metabolomics
Acute‐onset delirium in intensive care COVID patients: association of imperfect brain repair with foodborne micro‐pollutants

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