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pH-Controlled Microbubble Shell Formation and Stabilization
Stacking of Self-Assembled Surface Micelles in Ultrathin Films
A Nonpolar, Nonamphiphilic Molecule Can Accelerate Adsorption of Phospholipids and Lower Their Surface Tension at the Air/Water Interface
Reversing the course of the competitive adsorption between a phospholipid and albumin at an air-water interface
Behavior of an Adsorbed Phospholipid Monolayer Submitted to Prolonged Periodical Surface Density Variations
Counteracting the inhibitory effect of proteins towards lung surfactant substitutes: a fluorocarbon gas helps displace albumin at the air/water interface
Hollow magnetic microspheres obtained by nanoparticle adsorption on surfactant stabilized microbubbles
Super-Elastic Air/Water Interfacial Films Self-Assembled from Soluble Surfactants
Incorporation of negatively charged iron oxide nanoparticles in the shell of anionic surfactant-stabilized microbubbles: The effect of NaCl concentration

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