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Electron-spin motion: a new tool to study ferromagnetic films and surfaces
Dispersion relations for the spin-motion angles in spin-polarized electron reflection
Elaboration, Microstructure, and Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline Fe90Ni10 Powders
Elaboration, structure, microstructure and magnetic properties of soft Fe80Ni20 nanomaterials elaborated by high energy ball milling
Electron-Spin Motion as a New Tool to Investigate Ferromagnetic Film Systems: A Few Examples
Influence of lattice relaxation on the electron-spin motion in ferromagnetic films: Experiment and theory
Ultimate Limit of Electron-Spin Precession upon Reflection in Ferromagnetic Films
Breakdown of the electron-spin motion upon reflection at metal-organic or metal-carbon interfaces
Chemisorption of manganese phthalocyanine on Cu(001) surface promoted by van der Waals interactions
Hysteresis and change of transition temperature in thin films of Fe{[Me(2)Pyrz](3)BH}(2), a new sublimable spin-crossover molecule
Highly spin-polarized carbon-based spinterfaces

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