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A generalized Richards equation for surface/subsurface flow modelling
Sobol Global Sensitivity Analysis of a Coupled Surface/Subsurface Water Flow and Reactive Solute Transfer Model on a Real Hillslope
A coupled stream flow and depth-integrated subsurface flow model for catchment hydrology
Variability of Water Transit Time Distributions at the Strengbach Catchment (Vosges Mountains, France) Inferred Through Integrated Hydrological Modeling and Particle Tracking Algorithms
Global evaluation and sensitivity analysis of a physically based flow and reactive transport model on a laboratory experiment
Saturated area dynamics and streamflow generation from coupled surface–subsurface simulations and field observations
Laboratory Experiments of Drainage, Imbibition and Infiltration under Artificial Rainfall Characterized by Image Analysis Method and Numerical Simulations
Assessing the effect of flood restoration on surface–subsurface  interactions in Rohrschollen Island (Upper Rhine river –  France) using integrated hydrological modeling  and thermal infrared imaging
A low-dimensional integrated subsurface hydrological model coupled with 2-D overland flow: Application to a restored fluvial hydrosystem (Upper Rhine River – France)
Crossing hydrological and geochemical modeling to understand the spatiotemporal variability of water chemistry in a headwater catchment (Strengbach, France)
Magnetic resonance sounding measurements as posterior information to condition hydrological model parameters: Application to a hard-rock headwater catchment
Évaluation de la restauration hydromorphologique fonctionnelle d’une anastomose rhénane : trajectoire temporelle, monitoring pré-restauration, modélisation (Rhin Supérieur, Bas-Rhin, Réserve naturelle de l’île du Rohrschollen)
The strengbach catchment

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