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Hepatitis C virus infection of cholangiocarcinoma cell lines
Autotaxin-lysophosphatidic acid receptor signalling regulates hepatitis C virus replication
Hepatitis C virus infects the endothelial cells of the blood-brain barrier
Clearance of persistent hepatitis C virus infection in humanized mice using a claudin-1-targeting monoclonal antibody
Strong Neutron Pairing in core+4n Nuclei
Structure of 13Be studied in proton knockout from 14B
Quasifree ( p,pN) scattering of light neutron-rich nuclei near N = 14
Effective proton-neutron interaction near the drip line from unbound states in 25,26F
Coulomb dissociation of 20,21N
Beyond the neutron drip line: The unbound oxygen isotopes                              O and                              O
Determination of the neutron-capture rate of 17C for r-process nucleosynthesis
Systematic investigation of projectile fragmentation using beams of unstable B and C isotopes
13,14B(n, γ) via Coulomb Dissociation for Nucleosynthesis towards the r-Process
Comparison of $pp$ and $p \bar{p}$ differential elastic cross sections and observation of the exchange of a colorless $C$-odd gluonic compound
The DAQ and control system for the CMS Phase-1 pixel detector upgrade
Beam test performance of prototype silicon detectors for the Outer Tracker for the Phase-2 Upgrade of CMS
The CMS Phase-1 Pixel Detector Upgrade

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