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New Donor-Acceptor Stenhouse Adducts as Visible and Near Infrared Light Polymerization Photoinitiators
Metalated porphyrins as versatile visible light and NIR photoinitiators of polymerization
 Design of ketone derivatives as highly efficient photoinitiators for free radical and cationic photopolymerizations and application in 3D printing of composites
A monocomponent bifunctional benzophenone–carbazole type II photoinitiator for LED photoinitiating systems
Novel ketone derivative-based photoinitiating systems for free radical polymerization under mild conditions and 3D printing
Allyloxy ketones as efficient photoinitiators with high migration stability in free radical polymerization and 3D printing
Ketone derivatives as photoinitiators for both radical and cationic photopolymerizations under visible LED and application in 3D printing
Monocomponent Photoinitiators based on Benzophenone-Carbazole Structure for LED Photoinitiating Systems and Application on 3D Printing
In silico rational design by molecular modeling of new ketones as photoinitiators in three-component photoinitiating systems: application in 3D printing

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