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               Supershear rupture of the 5 January 2013 Craig, Alaska (                              7.5) earthquake
              Localized fault slip to the trench in the 2010 Maule, Chile                              = 8.8 earthquake from joint inversion of high-rate GPS, teleseismic body waves, InSAR, campaign GPS, and tsunami observations
              The 5 September 2012 Nicoya, Costa Rica                              7.6 earthquake rupture process from joint inversion of high-rate GPS, strong-motion, and teleseismic                              wave data and its relationship to adja
               Validation of linearity assumptions for using tsunami waveforms in joint inversion of kinematic rupture models: Application to the 2010 Mentawai                              7.8 tsunami earthquake
              Rupture process of the 2010                              7.8 Mentawai tsunami earthquake from joint inversion of near-field hr-GPS and teleseismic body wave recordings constrained by tsunami observations

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