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2D hybrid networks of gold nanoparticles: mechanoresponsive optical humidity sensors
Self-Suspended Nanomesh Scaffold for Ultrafast Flexible Photodetectors Based on Organic Semiconducting Crystals
Supramolecular Self-Assembly in a Sub-micrometer Electrodic Cavity: Fabrication of Heat-Reversible π-Gel Memristor
A nanomesh scaffold for supramolecular nanowire optoelectronic devices
Nano-Subsidence-Assisted Precise Integration of Patterned Two-Dimensional Materials for High-Performance Photodetector Arrays
Fast-Response Photonic Device Based on Organic-Crystal Heterojunctions Assembled into a Vertical-Yet-Open Asymmetric Architecture
Waveguide and Plasmonic Absorption-Induced Transparency
Energy Transfer between Spatially Separated Entangled Molecules
Non-Radiative Energy Transfer Mediated by Hybrid Light-Matter States
Ground-State Chemical Reactivity under Vibrational Coupling to the Vacuum Electromagnetic Field

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