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Addiction  et régulations épigénétiques : implications de MeCP2 et de l’acétylation des histones [= Epigenetics and drug addiction: a focus on MeCP2 and on histone acetylation]
Effects of combined nicotine and fluoxetine treatment on adult hippocampal neurogenesis and conditioned place preference
Cocaine and epigenetics: an overview ?
Cocaine self-administration by rats is inhibited by cyclic GMP-elevating agents: involvement of epigenetic markers
Vulnerability to opiate in maternal deprived rats: implication of the epigenetic markers MeCP2 and HDAC2
Inhibitors of DNA methyltransferase increase cocaine reinforcing properties in a self-administration paradigm
Cocaine represses protein phosphatase-1Cβ through DNA methylation and Methyl-CpG Binding Protein-2 recruitment in adult rat brain
Cocaine regulates the salt-inducible kinase SIK1 by inducing protein phosphatase-2A expression in rat brain
Vulnerability to opiate intake in maternally deprived rats: implication of MeCP2 and of histone acetylation
Activation of the cannabinoid CB2 receptor inducesepigenetic factors expression in the rat striatum
Regulation of Brain DNA Methylation Factors and of the Orexinergic System by Cocaine and Food Self-Administration
Differential regulation of MeCP2 and PP1 in passive or voluntary administration of cocaine or food
Cocaine-induced regulations of the endocannabinoid system in reward-related brain regions
Inhibition of DNA methyltransferases regulates cocaine self-administration by rats: a genome-wide DNA methylation study

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