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Biological properties of Beet soil-borne mosaic virus and Beet necrotic yellow vein virus cDNA clones produced by isothermal in vitro recombination: Insights for reassortant appearance
Long-distance movement of helical multipartite phytoviruses: keep connected or die?
Hit two birds with one stone: the multiple properties of (viral) RNA silencing suppressors
Beet Necrotic Yellow Vein Virus Noncoding RNA Production Depends on a 5′→3′ Xrn Exoribonuclease Activity
Eat me!
Ins and outs of multipartite positive-strand rna plant viruses: Packaging versus systemic spread
A viral noncoding rna complements a weakened viral rna silencing suppressor and promotes efficient systemic host infection
Lu pour vous : Portraits de virus. Voyage au coeur des cellules / Philippe Roingeard
Massive up-regulation of LBD transcription factors and EXPANSINs highlights the regulatory programs of rhizomania disease
Divergence of host range and biological properties between natural isolate and full-length infectious cDNA clone of the Beet mild yellowing virus 2ITB
ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile : Benyviridae
Société Française de Virologie : où en sommes-nous deux ans après ?
Offre de formation en virologie moléculaire, Université de Strasbourg
ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Virgaviridae.

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